RWA Wins 2019 CPA Award

By 12/11/2019News

This past weekend, RWA Architects was recognized at the Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA) Awards and Annual Meeting, held at the newly renovated Cincinnati Museum Center. Since its founding in 1964, the CPA has been committed to preserving and developing historical buildings, landscapes, and communities throughout the Cincinnati area.

This marks RWA’s fourth time winning a CPA Award and, as always, we are honored to have our dedication to historical preservation recognized by the prestigious institution. This year’s Rehabilitation Award was given for RWA’s work on the historical International Molders and Allied Workers Union building in Walnut Hills. The headquarters was originally commissioned in 1948 and changed hands multiple times before a local business purchased it and hired RWA Architects to restore the building and upgrade it for use as an office building.


Loving neglect and well-intentioned, but low-budget maintenance by these various groups caused the interior of the space to be haphazardly sub-divided into random rooms and offices. With the help and leadership of RWA Architects, the poorly-constructed interior walls that had been erected over the years were removed, creating an open interior floor plan that could take full advantage of the original ribbon windows around each floor.

The steel windows were replaced overtime with  low-quality, vinyl, double hung windows. Glazing with a slight green tint was used to compliment the existing vertical green granite window mulls. When RWA began work on the exterior of the building, they set out to have all exterior granite and limestone finishes, as well as the stainless steel entry door and canopy professionally restored.

Finally, the original elevator was restored, with elements of the original brick elevator shaft exposed, in celebration of the building’s history. A customized photo mural and steel window assembly of the well-known Cincinnati landmark, the Roebling Bridge, invites employees and clients into the elevator.


Prior to this year’s award ceremony, RWA was recognized for its work on the following projects (Click on the year below the photo for more information on each project):