RWA Celebrates Its 30th Year!

By 04/17/2019News

We are celebrating our 30th year, where experience delivers inspired design and quality results!



RWA Architects, founded in 1989, is celebrating 30 years of extraordinary growth. What began as a vision to design and build beautiful, sustainable structures has, over the last three decades, grown to become one of Cincinnati’s most successful architecture firms in Cincinnati. At the time of its inception, the new business owners did not foresee one day completing work outside of Cincinnati, as well. Three decades later, RWA has designed projects in Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming, and internationally in Canada, all with ties back to Cincinnati.



The principal architects, Michael Mauch and John Isch have, throughout their careers, welcomed and fostered the talents of young architects and maintained an unwavering focus on timelessness, irrefutable quality, and excellent communication. Their consistent attention to detail and client relationship has given hundreds of clients homes they can thrive in, businesses they can be proud of, and a sense that they have been heard and their personal visions have been realized.




We would like to thank everyone who has been by our side over the last 30 years. Our clients, contractors, suppliers, employees, friends, and family have made the last 30 years possible and such a positive experience. A profound and sincere thank you from all of us at RWA Architects. We are excited to see what the next 30 years bring!