Two RWA Projects Featured in Two Local Publications

By 08/28/2018News

If you want to know what RWA takes the most pride in when completing a design project, be sure to check out the Fall 2008 editions of both Best Magazine and Fantastic Kitchens.  In each of the articles, you will get the overwhelming sense that while RWA plays a vital role in creating someone’s dream house, we also get the most satisfaction from watching our Clients turn that house into a home.

The addition and remodeling of the house featured in both Best Magazine and Fantastic Kitchens (where the kitchen itself is highlighted) realized the dreams of the owners and resulted in a project that RWA is proud to be connected with.  To read the full article and learn more about this project, see Best Magazine:  The Homes and People of Hyde Park and the fall 2008 issue of Fantastic Kitchens:  Cincinnati.

Also featured in the same issue of Best Magazine is a new house designed by RWA Architects.  This project had as it’s goal to resemble an early twentieth century house, and it doesn’t take long to realize, after reading the article and seeing the photographs, that this goal was accomplished and then some.  If you want to learn more about this project and get a small glimpse of the satisfaction we feel in seeing our Clients turn a house into a home, be sure to read this article in the latest issue of Best Magazine:  The Homes and People of Hyde Park.