Tudor New Residence

The design for this house was a response to our client’s extensive collection and admiration of Rookwood style pottery, their strong sense of family and faith, and the two mature oak trees existing on the site which the name of this house is taken. The two oak trees served as bookends for the brick and tiled roofed structure creating a composed, timeless setting for the house. The branching form of the floor plan is anchored by a large two-story, wood-trussed Family and Dining Room with a cantilevered mezzanine that focuses the room on a stone-clad fireplace and chimney having a look through on the second floor. The wings of the floor plan bridging the space between the two oaks consist of a Primary Bedroom Suite and Home offices on one side of the house and garage and service functions on the other side. Centered on the front of the house, between the two oaks, is a porphyry driveway encircling a fountain.

Inside the house is appropriated with wood trusses, wood paneling, custom-made Rookwood tiled fireplace overmantels, and carved wood and ornamental iron stair railings. Many opportunities were provided throughout the house for places to display Rookwood pottery. Of special note is the Garden Room embellished with a Rookwood tiled fountain and wood-trimmed and mirrored ceiling that serves as a retreat and place for contemplation that looks out over the back gardens. A Chapel Room with gothic detailed wood paneling serves the spiritual needs of the client.