Restaurant Remodel

A food critic described the interiors of this restaurant as “very calming…the lighting is soft and conversation quietly buzzes around your table in an intimate way, which somehow envelopes each table in its own dialog.” This description captures the essence of our goal to create more than just a restaurant by preparing the setting for a pleasurable dining experience.

With RWA providing complete architectural and interior design services, this project allowed us the opportunity to promote environmentally sustainable or “green design” principles. The wainscot bar and ceiling panels are made of bamboo, a plantation grown, renewable resource that happens to be one of the fastest growing grasses on the planet. The bar and cashier counter are made of recycled paper fibers and natural resins. Instead of upholstery, the dining chairs utilize recycled post-industrial seat belting. The ceramic tile and ceiling panels also have significant recycled material content. Most importantly, the restaurant is an excellent example of reusing an existing structure in a pedestrian-friendly, neighborhood environment.

Photographer: RWA Architects, Inc.